New Spaces Help Learning Services Develop Students’ Minds

Just a few short months ago, the Howley Learning Commons opened its collaborative learning spaces to scores of Prep students. Study groups and Chromebooks popped up almost overnight on the first floor and many students found a quiet place on the second floor, especially the Mehta Family Study Area, where they can be tutored, do homework, and apply valuable study skills. 

Under the leadership of Director Kevin Gregorio and the hiring of Mr. Frank Rocchi this fall and Ms. Caitlin  Geraghty last year the Learning Services Department has become a well-oiled machine with opportunities for all students to shine. This solid team is in place to meet the needs of Prep students of all levels. 

Some students come to the second floor for peer tutoring from seniors and juniors who are eligible for National Honor Society. Others have found a quiet place to do homework, study, and meet with counselors. There is a huge benefit for the moderators as well because they are able to work simultaneously with different groups of students at all levels. 

Mr. Gregorio and his team are able to identify when students are struggling and their responses can be proactive rather than reactive. Catapult counselor Mr. Chase Hoover, is available to meet the social and emotional needs of Prep students as is counselor Ms. Doireann Duffy, who finds the space conducive as students are able to quickly settle and put themselves in a learning mindset. 

With a large open study space, a full conference room, and two smaller collaborative rooms, there are plenty of areas and teachers have been taking advantage to do pop-up study sessions. The Learning Services Department looks forward to meeting the needs of all Prep students so that they can shine academically. The expansion of personnel and expansion of spaces has been a game changer for many.

To learn more about the Prep’s Department of Learning Services, click here.